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Nicholas Micros works with time honored sculptural forms,processes and materials and investigates their potential in thepresent. This includes direct stone carving, clay modeling, ceramic, unique lost-wax metal casting, sewing, direct plaster, cement casting and iron work.

In his work since the early 1990`s, he plays with the tradition of erecting figural monuments to past heroes, decisive battles andreligious personages. The work often assumes the shape of the statue, equestrian, sculpture group, figurine and shrine forms. The sewn pieces are inspired by ceremonial stonemason`s protective work aprons.

He uses shellac, pigments, casein, glue, stone dust, stapling and collage to create works on paper, which expressively correspond to the sculpture as well.

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 Photos Raphael Zubler

 Photo Steve Micros, 1992, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, NYC