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ARTS AND ANTIQUES, December 1995:
‹Fabric Works at Revolution›,¬†
by George Melrod

On the surface, stone-carving and sewing might seem like opposite activities, one macho and coarse, the other feminine and delicate. Not so to artist Nick Micros. A sculptor, stone carver and building restorer, Micros crafts airy, monumental fabric works, some as large as ten feet wide, which he thinks of as sewn drawings. Based formally and conceptually on mason’s aprons, the works were inspired by his grandmother’s religious embroideries, which she made after emigrating from Greece in the 1920s. «Sewing is like carving», he explains. «It’s done slowly, steadily, bit by bit. Stone is thought of as very brutal, but behind it you are trying to get at something very sensual. With delicate carving, you have to be very delicate. Aprons have all this symbolism», he adds. «I always thought of the format of the apron in terms of preparation, of gathering». With its unaffected melding of gender roles, Micros’s work marks a powerful invocation of blue-collar daintiness.

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