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FIELD, RIFLEMAN and IMMEMORIAL  are a trilogy of interrelated work groups created primarily with plaster between 2001 and 2009. The title of the group takes its name from the last created group.

Field  portrays a scene of war among half-life scale figures with accompanying props along a winding barricade. Through the theme of battle, the figure group investigates the interface of play and violence, creation and destruction. Individual works are coated with a wash of natural lime.

Rifleman  depicts the progress of a lone warrior-like figure who has flown the battle, as he goes through various acts of struggle, mock-heroism, buffoonery and transformation. Each work is coated with shellac, with some areas highlighted with color to accent aspects important to the narrative. The group contains eighty works.

Immemorial  is a sprawling, fragmented memorial of sorts which consists of many separate works in the form of sculptors maquettes for fantasy monuments. Created with casts of found objects and toys, the work touches on themes of war, art, mortality, spirituality, play and chance. Individual works are patinated to imitate other materials such as bronze, stone and terracotta or to evoke a feeling of age. Forty-two of one hundred and sixty works are presented here.